The Problem Solving Mirror Solution

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Imagine glass that doesn't smash
plastic that doesn't scratch... a surface
spray paint doesn't really stick to... a
plastic that doesn't melt like wax when
burned. Couldn't you really go to town
with a unique mirror like this?

AXGARD®-MSR is the answer.
Combining unbreakable polymer resilience
with a specially formulated, tough,
UV protected, scratch-resistant coating,
it holds the key to success for many projects.

Common uses:-

 Mental Healthcare

 Hospitals and Clinics



 Public Amenities

 Shop Fitting

 Dance Halls

 Gyms and Sports Centres

 Swimming Pools

 Food Preparation

 Virtually Unbreakable

 Excellent Scratch Resistancce

 Anti-graffiti Properties

 Excellent Class 1/0 Fire Rating

 UV resistant - Suitable for nternal and External Use

 Reduced Maintenance Costs

 Anti-ligature Options Available

 Can be Bonded for Hidden Fixing

Attached Documents

PDF icon AXGARD®-MSR The Problem Solving Mirror Solution (AXGARD-MSR_TECHNICAL_V2.05_WEB.pdf | 1.59 MB)